Saturday 1 October 2011

Your team is your friend

I am so proud of my teams at client sites and in our office! One team achieved in 6 months at one site what many thought would take years - to integrate surface and subsurface exploration and production infrastructure for an oilfield in 3D+time. Another team created just this week a real-time GIS data capture system that reduces to 4 steps what took 10 on paper - and of those only the first one is manual.

Not only does this reduce the chance of errors creeping in, but it also automates the collection from handhelds in the field to the back-office in real-time. This is crucial to improve business processes in the field on one hand, and to enable (near) real-time situational awareness on the other.

Here is a mock-up of the data capture exercise: Pay particular attention to the colour symbols - each colour represents an intensity reading - spreading across the middle then the bottom of the web map as the operator taps the handheld device for data entry.

Please note that spreadsheet and video are unlisted, meaning you can access them only via their web address as this blog points to, to protect site confidentiality.

[12 October update: Not content with that, here's other application integrating Outlook with staff location for planning and emergency response:

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