Sunday 5 January 2014

Andrew Zolnai map catalog

Happy New Year! Don't you think that 175 blog posts and almost 150,000 page views over 7.5 years merit a catalog of my maps? This also coincides with my first end-to-end project:
  1. collect on the desktop
  2. disseminate and receive feedback via social media
  3. post as a webmap on private AWS account
... And with a little help from my friends!
click image to enlarge and here to access
So rimshot here is my map catalog! A new dynamic web layout allows you to view it in linear, image-based and various other ways c/o Blogger... This will become more useful after I posted a few and actually have a catalog! 
As they say in the radio biz: don't touch that dial... and come back often!

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