Sunday 23 November 2014

Web Maps on Steroids, Part II

I showed a couple of months ago ways to post mega-datasets online without choking the system. This month OSGeoUK gave me the opportunity to present the same on PostGIS Day 2014, as postGIS was the backbone of two of these examples on GIScloud and GeoCloud2. Thanks to OSGeoUK and British Computer Society for hosting this.

Especially when we work online so much, meetings really do work. Not only did I get to meet @archaeogeek and her sidekick @_walkermatt   f i n a l l y   but also met my old friends from GIScloud @dravnic. And Mapcentia's @mhoegh said 
Actual, thursday [the same day] I also gave a presentation on [ Kortdage (Map days) ] Denmarks biggest geospatial conference, where I showed your visualisation of 1/2M points.

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