Sunday 28 March 2021

Tree planting survey 1-2-3

[ Update: see next the fieldwork preparations that went on as a follow-up to this project 

Update 2: See also other prior actions & concerns by same group here ]

New Flamingos, my Extinction Rebellion group in Cambridge decided to do a little outreach - not unlike my other group On the Edge that engages with my village around flood preparedness - we work with the community to replant trees along the left bank of the River Cam immediately North of Cambridge UK. This afternoon, a tree surgeon accompanied our survey along the river bank and suggested tree location and density as we walked.

One affiliate insisted on having exact locations and suggested what3words. I downloaded their app on my smartphone, and simply tapped in locations with the tree surgeons running comment: "x trees here", "a coppice there", "20 trees until the bridge" etc. After returning home, I simply exported the .csv file and poked around what3words website to see if I can map this. Presto! they had all the info to hand and I created this web map in about half an hour:

click to enlarge or open app

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