Sunday 23 May 2010

Gathering clouds over the horizon, Part IV

Slotting straight into my previous post, ESRI just released ArcGIS Explorer (AGX) online and as the new ArcGIS Online (AGO). I cannot, however, see my old AGO postings on the new, neither will the new AGX online consume it - not even posted as a web mapping service (WMS)!

Saturday 22 May 2010

Gathering clouds over the horizon, Part III

Eyjafjallajoekull volcanic ash blown southeastward caused air traffic disruption last week over the northern British Isles again. I post the North Atlantic section of NOAA's free web mapping services of global cloud and chemical composition:

Saturday 15 May 2010

Gathering clouds over the horizon, Part II

I posted earlier an example of a simple Google Map reading a list of Olympic cities - this was part of a list of Google and OpenLayer maps I built over the years on my old website - I also posted a nifty display of plate boundaries in Google Earth here. Following on the discussion of new web mappping (Part I of this post), I recreated both on to see how the two implementations compared.

Saturday 8 May 2010

UK electoral boundary changes

New UK Ordnance Survey OpenData Bounday Lines released this month, show changes compared with the original public release in April of October 2009 data. Both Electoral Division and Westminster Consituency boundaries are what you see in the BBC News or many other UK election maps on TV or online. Following yesterday's parliamentary and county council election results, one might ask:

Saturday 1 May 2010

Historic Fenlands Mashup

[See updates at bottom, and predecessors Medieval Fenlands GIS and Post-medieval Fenlands GIS]

Here is a mashup on of the geographic history of land cover and surface geology of East Anglia since Domesday based on: