Tuesday 30 November 2010

Google Fusion Coffee Table

[Update: I noted on many of my Google Fusion Table posts that, while the data are still on Google Drive for you to view, GFT no longer offers a polygon or heatmap option, only geocoding by country centroid in its new version. Not sure why, but on this, this, this and another example posted as Iframes not Scripts preserved the old GFT maps.]

Geocurrents posted this interesting dataset from Worldbank's Ease of Doing Business website. James Fee waxed rhapsodic over Google Fusion Tables after WhereCamp5280. So I decided to see how easy it really was to map their Ease of doing Business Rank.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Not work not geo: photo edits

As I started posting more photos on Flickr! in Kuwait, I toyed with simple improvements that adjust color and contrast. It helps mitigate over-exposure bright desert sunlight, and remove 'haze' in difficult lighting such as high altitude flying or mountains, or add virtual fill-in flash enhancing dark foregrounds. I cannot however help with the original pixel count - my phone camera has a decent 3.2 mpels @ 300dpi, but lower-res scans of JPEG settings cannot be helped much especially in sharpening due to their low pixel count.

Monday 22 November 2010

Back home again

TS Eliot's header quote indicates that I'm back home again: to bridge geoscience and GIS in petroleum I've done for a while now - see on my LinkedIn how long - it isn't hard to believe then, that I dusted off a master data management diagram from over a decade ago:

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Global Poetry System

This is a totally geo poetry project out of the London Southbank Centre! It allows you to post poetry in its largest sense - poems, photos, videos, any multimedia - on this website and tag it by its location.