Saturday 21 May 2011

Arctic Dreams, Part II

As the Arctic comes under more scrutiny in the news, I'm reminded of my visit up there 25 years ago when we actually thought of global cooling! But the issues of access and exploitation are certainly not new... And I posted a few polar maps for fun here and here, though the best rendition can be found here.

Friday 13 May 2011

More temporal web maps

Here is last year's Fenlands mashup on 2nd gen. beta (this data is also posted on the UK academic ShareGeo site and the apps site):

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Critical mass, satellite imagery and GIS

Satellite imagery has been around for almost as long as GIS, and the following may just make them so easy they finally gain momentum. The same way Jeeps and Suburbans had been around for a couple of generations, but only the last generation saw Ford legitimize SUVs with its Explorer.