Tuesday 27 July 2010

Top tips for engaging online communities

From the Press Association PR & Communications Newlsetter today:

1. The trick isn't a trick - be useful, or be helpful or fun. These tools are incredibly powerful, but they are not another way to shout at people

2. Listen and respond

3. Be honest and be human

4. When dealing with a crisis: listen to what is being said collectively, formalise that into a list of questions and answers, put it online and point people to it

5. Empower individuals to be individuals within the umbrella of your brand/organisation

6. Try to create a safe space for people to learn that behaviour, an internal wiki or something similar

7. Support people and review your policies regularly

8. Talk to people they will help you

9. Never drink and tweet!

10. Don't be scared
May you negotiate peacefully the intricacies of being online!

in the Golden Pavillion garden, Kyoto Japan, 1967

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