Sunday 16 March 2014

Releasing data really works, Part VI

Three months into posting data on my web service - Part V - I created a short list of free data for Great Britain on my Map Catalog called GB Freebie.

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While that post details the offering, let me go over some lessons learned in using Mapcentia stack on AWS:

  • both services operate as described on the package and are a pleasure to work with, really
  • upgrading AWS from Micro to Small allows to post rather large datasets at a nominal fee
  • geoJSON file formats are far easier to upload, and Esri, FME and QGIS offer tools for that
  • like any flat file format it has size restrictions, so that for ex. UK Counties needed splitting with the following county & coastline data densities varying the coverage area for a constant file size

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  • the Mapcentia stack is on ongoing project that keeps improving its interface and capabilities
  • last but not least, info buttons in the table of contents allow to post metadata for all layers
So to reiterate my Map Catalog post's conclusion:  This further illustrates how relatively easy it is to post freely available datasets "with a little help from my friends" [...] So go ahead and explore more from RT Wilson, UN Data, Wikipedia or many others!

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