Tuesday 24 March 2015

A day in the life of a petroleum professional - Part II - shorthand

[Update: posted here an even simpler workflow that reads government data direct from web]

This is Part II of a A day in the life of posts, to introduc Basic petroleum data manipulation for professionals who aren't data managers. This is however a much simpler workflow that lends itself more to rapid project start-ups for petroleum rather than data professionals.

This class aims to put simple processes in the hands of those who do the prospecting, when tighter economics reduce the available specialist staff, using tools that may already be at hand.
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A class-notes brief is posted on my companion blog.

This will be outlined at Esri PUG in Houston early April.

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Full class notes may eventually be posted on the PPDM site.

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The resulting map is also posted on my zolnai.ca portfolio page:

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