Wednesday 20 January 2016

Another Take on Climate Change, Part V

[Update: Part VI, more on geomagnetic reversals]

Parts I, II, III & IV from March 2011 became relevant in a comment yesterday on Euan Mearns post on extreme climate. He pointed to the Laschamp event, and suggests this: that the wandering of the North Pole heralds a impending magnetic reversal, such as happened 4000 years ago evidenced in the French Massif Central near Clermont Ferrand.
He explains in great detail the whys of paleomagnetism, the importance of earth's magnetic field, the event itself and more recent history. His diagram speaks to me as I was in the Canadian High Arctic in 1986, when the North Pole was amidst us and we used solar compasses instead.

Earth’s N magnetic pole

But most arresting was his diagram from NASA that doubles up on mine from Los Almos is my original posting, adding the situation during magnetic reversal.

Supercomputer model of Earth’s magnetic field

The consequences mentioned are not for the faint of heart. I said originally that current extremes in weather may relate to increased Chandler Wobble evidenced by earthquakes found inside continents where they're the least expected. Euan Mearns points to the changed geomagnetism then, which reduces our protection from solar flares and its consequences for satellites and power grids citing the Carrington event 150 yrs ago. I myself follow and there are many resources for the looking.

I think that convincing Climate Change Deniers is a bit like Byzantine clerics arguing how many angels dance on a pinhead while Turkish invaders were at the gate (Wikipedia)... whilst, today, our world is gone haywire!

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