Monday 4 April 2016

Another Take on Climate Change, Part VI (the last)

previously asked  how current vagaries of climate may relate to earth's magnetic field reversals? One problem was that geological records (ocean bottom magnetic stripes) didn't span well into historic records (volcanic lava deposits)! Well this appears to have been addressed in this video:

It's an hour long and it's a great example of cross-disciplinary thinking, but it's all applied maths and not for the faint of heart! So in a nutshell:
  •  we're overdue for one such reversal
  • but at 2.5M yrs between reversals
  • these aren't smooth and fluctuate a lot
In other words, the same way climate record is complex (fluctuations inside temperature variations make different people interpret increase or decrease), magnetic reversals fluctuate too. My take is that regardless of interpretations, it's those fluctuations that wreak havoc with our climate today!
There is a wonderful website that maps continental drift in geologic & historic record. I took the recent past and mapped climate changes where I lived, and created this YouTube of screenshots:

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