Saturday 4 June 2016

When is a map not a map, Part II

I just posted on LinkedIn Pulse Opinions are free, but Facts are sacred, taking off from Simon Rogers ex of Guardian Data now at Google Data by way of Twitter. This was spurred by the EU Referendum, and setting aside debates raging around it, this is my contribution in my field of petroleum geology in general and mapping / GIS in particular. UN Comtrade has a fabulous collection of statistics, which are so easy to search & discover, that I simply copy&pasted screenshots into this video.

From LinkedIn Pulse post:

"UN Comtrade website offers full-fledged search&discovery, putting a plethora of datasets at your fingertips in their geographical context. On your first access, a tutorial navigates you through its various parts, in a de-facto workflow they are to be commended for. Select Reporter (UK), Partner (World) and Commodity (27 - Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products, etc). The metadata lacks somewhat as the UN Comtrade metadata site only repeats the same without further details, but I will take that to represent oil&gas trade geo statistics I was looking for.

It offers detailed statistics on-screen or via dropdowns throughout. I simply took screenshots through the years, copy&pasted the Top 10 Export (their Surplus in green) and Import (their Deficit in blue) barcharts, added the sums for the Top  10 EU partners in the same colours and the Surplus (their Balance) in black, and plotted a line graph of Import, Export and Surplus like theirs. Snapshots are posted here and the spreadsheet here, and the same GNU Public License applies as theirs. The above animation shows the progress of oil&gas trade between UK & EU from 1993 to 2015.
It shows how much UK petroleum product exports go tho the EU, notably the Netherlands. Other partners of note are the US for export, and for imports Norway and after 2000 the Russian Federation." (emphasis added)

Go over to that post to see particularly interesting line graphs of UK oil import/export over last 20+ years. Following from earlier this week, When is a map not a map, this is a case where data & maps are already there to highlight via a video animation and some graphs.

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