Wednesday 13 September 2017

Trio of Caribbean Hurricanes early Sept 2017

Evolution of Hurricanes Katia, Irma and José, and of Tropical Storm 57. Note how:
  • Katia developed late over Gulf of Mexico & stops shortly after head-on landfall
  • Irma is the strongest having developed over warmer S Atlantic then Caribbean
    • weakens to Category 3 on first Florida Keys landfall
    • strengthens again over western Gulf of Mexico 
    • immediately weakens at second Florida Coast landfall
    • still Cat2 (not shown) then finally Cat1 before degrading
  • José stays strong over water, strengthens briefly to Cat4-5 then swerves to W Atlantic
  • Tropical Storm 57 never materialised into a possible and feared hurricane three-punch
Earth is a fantastic real time weather globe ( not Google).

This is an update to one previously posted that has a slight error in Slow Mo section

Note: as mentioned earlier, 1) Earth only publishes node.js, 2) cannot thus be shown on web maps via WMS where it would make a brilliant Story Map, 3) thus leaving us with a video of snapshots

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