Wednesday 2 June 2021

Cambridgeshire COVID Info Portal 1¼ years later

Almost 1½ years from the onset of COVID, here a video of the info portal created using ESRI dashboard, inspired from the Johns Hopkins University pioneering hit - same tech with more data and expertise - our own info portal is a handy

[ Video won't show? ]

Starting with a Coronavirus Backgrounder mid-March, and a late April livestream n_COVID pivot-and-fan map  at How to do Map Stuff: a Live Community Sharing Event, came a twelve-part series Coronavirus (daily) update to late December 2020. 

It chronicled the trials & tribulations of sourcing PHE then NHSx case data and ONS death data... buffeted by political agendas in the news, which only stressed the need for citizen science atop open data to help us ascertain what really is going on!

 The progress toward the vaunted "flattening of the curve" - cumulative case and death curves plateau out - is also updated on the last Coronavirus update:

In closing, here is a listing of all COVID posts:

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