Sunday 11 July 2021

What is your 'ikigai'?

 Ikigai (生き甲斐, "a reason for being") is a Japanese concept referring to having a direction or purpose in life, providing a sense of fulfillment and towards which they the person may take actions, giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning.

It is often depicted as an intersection of these circles:

Here is mine, a geologist of 40 yrs. turned to GIS 30 yrs. ago and community 5 yrs. ago:

What brought this up you might ask? First an e-friend posted this:

Then came this excellent podcast on Geodesign:

Voilà! A common question among #gischat is "what do we do &/or call ourselves?" Canada where I started out coined "geomatics", but "geomatician" sounds awkward unless spoofed as "geomagician" :-)  So this brief exposé says why I sign as geo-enabler, starting with my latest venture Local Community Engagement

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