Friday 23 June 2023

Community, climate and maps - an update

Update: see a follow-on post to sea level rise in East Anglia here.

 This is a follow on to this post: lets address one of the update items, Fire & Ice, in the light of an early and vicious start  to the Canadian fire season. The question is: notwithstanding this year's events, is there an increase in fires and if so, can they be related to climate change as, say, in California?

So the same conclusion as in the Arctic in the mentioned story map, that fire incidence hasn't increased much recently.

Let's not let this lull into complacence however! All is not well as this recent Nature Sustainability article says  Earlier collapse of Anthropocene ecosystems driven by multiple faster and noisier drivers. It's quite technical, but check out all the linked supplementary articles for a comprehensive overview.

 I also posted this on Medium on Climate Emergency and the Geologic Record. This complex topic is distilled into a patent example of polar ice extent and geology - for ex. we're entering the 6th mass extinction:

updated data above are compiled here (click to enlarge)

Lastly, here is a repository of DIY map resources, incl. updated prognosis putting the Nature article in layman's terms.

from article (click to enlarge)

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