Wednesday 8 April 2020

Coronavirus time-enabled maps

[Update: thrilled to present at How to do Map Stuff: a Live Community Sharing Event
Update: The Times' Sam Joiner just cleared  England COVID map for London crowding using ridge map animation

Local dashboards updated daily from Public Heath England data are bolstered by other open data: As coronavirus affects most notably the eldest and youngest, Office for National Statistics age distribution is a welcome addition to case distribution maps. A static web map showed cases and age distribution side-by-side - a story map has the full back story on its derivation - Kenneth Field's "coxcombs"  post static time-series that helped identify here vulnerable groups of elder and younger populations, and to overlay them atop progressive case numbers over a set time period.
As both storymaps above will show - I filtered greater London due to over-crowded symbology - perhaps animation may help clear it up?

HealthMap COVID-19 in England - local view

 The Open COVID-19 Data Curation Group also posted anonymised date-of-confirmation and  country-of-provenance for individuals globally in HealthMap.

The current lock-down gave me time to come up with a pivot-and-fan flamenco-style:

>> a set downloaded from Github on 04/04/2020  provides data for 31/01-26/03/2020

>>  pivot-tables turned these into time-series data by County / Unitary Authority as above

>>  parsing symbol attributes into dates allowed to animated the coxcomb fans over time

HealthMap COVID-19 in England - global view

The same data treated like Where in the World is Andrew? to link departure and arrival points where available, and animated in time as simple points and lines:

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