Tuesday 24 March 2020

Coronavirus daily update

Issues with the mnemonic link below? Try one of these! Mobiletablet or desktop
Final update: single URL for desktop, tablet and mobile: bit.ly/CamCOVIDinfo
15 Apr. 2020NHSX provides now COVID-19 daily updates from their new site
Update 5: further maps adding date of  confirmation and provenance in next post
Update 4: tweak two dashboards to work better on desktop and on mobile (see final)
Update 3: added population by age group for comparison, see bottom of right panel
Update 2: streamlined with one map incorporating all data + complete instructions
Update 1: mobile version added, added Persons Recovered (removed by PHE later)
Correction: user feedback showed importance of symbology to convey information

After last week's Coronavirus update general info and maps, here's a local information portal, no small thanks to ESRI, Esri(UK) support and Public Health England's own portals shown last week. This dashboard collects in one place an array of information from Public Health England website as  portal incorporating also Office for National Statistics data. 

click ot enlarge

Go to the mnemonic URL bit.ly/CamCOVIDinfo and explore the following:
  • the left or top panel shows UK statistics-at-a-glance updated daily
  • the map shows: 
    • current Hospital  and Practices locations (click on it for details) and cases by Upper Tier Local Authorities (UTLA, legal subdivision used by the National Health Service)
    • historic info on Practices from Public Health England, ten criteria help you choose one
  • at right are instructions with links to full screen Open Street Maps that are easier to navigate 

News flashBehind the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus dashboard , the original dashboard that inspired us all

News flash: this just in, Office of National Statistics released this gorgeous map on where do over 70s live - a critical piece of information about the most vulnerable in this pandemic:

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