Tuesday 15 November 2022

"I'm baaaack"

 After a year hiatus (see herehere), I have decided I'm not leaving the UK after all. As a result:

  •  on ArcGIS Online look for azolnaiadmin and devzolnai ๐Ÿ‘‰ my Living Atlas contribution! 
  • I restored my ESRI(UK) Non Profit Oraganization account with Terry Jackson - see cottenham.info in banner ribbon menu - so my story maps and posted maps should all be restored too
    ๐Ÿ‘‰ my Developer account never left, see my perso. & prof. portfolios, top R on desktop browser 
  • despite news swirling around twitter, I reluctantly rejoined @azolnai, but this time will carefully curate it in the geo space - one issue before, was that I really should've split professional (GIS) and socials (activism) - made it "pro" under Community, but I will not pay to get "blue-badged"! 

Warm-up map

As  I was revsiting ArcGIS Online Living Atlas pages - mostly to check mine here  - I found this cool geologic map of France: I'm a former geologist and a French national - even had a necktie printed with same once! - so it was a great delight to repost it with John Nelson's blended mode - I wrote about here and here -  to highlight France's varied topography... which is of course created by the underlying geology!

Here is the tweet:

Or view it directly:

"Horses for courses"...

... or "different strokes for different folks": I did a simple map in Google Map Maker, either posting locations with no attribute directly from Google Map (WhatsApp group locations), or by importing simple spresdheets of location / item / attribute (Family). 

Note: not turned on by default is "Where is Andrew", ye olde Google sample maps  having all expired Java APIs: That web page is crawled back to 09/28/2010 on Wayback Machine, but update date in lower left had corner shows 11/19/2009... almost exactly 13 yrs ago!

Here is the tweet:

Or view it directly here:

Zoom in -  the embed doesn't respect zoom level 3 - or click on the link in the tweet above, and in the menu ladder icon you find a "Zoom to viewport" that adjusts map to window.

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