Wednesday 24 October 2018

GIS education & awareness

[Update: another way to make it all more accessible, is to wrap-up the Arctic data as a story-map.]

There is a patent need to better explain all things geospatial to us as geo professionals as well as to the public addressed here.

My recent blog series on Antarctic then Arctic datasets resulted in a full stack exercise introduced below. This stemmed from the need to inform an increasing number of geo practitioners or concerned citizens of correct cartographic procedures.

Open data workshop intro from Andrew Zolnai

In a world of data consumerism, its ease of use means it's easy to rush into, without appreciating either the assumptions underneath or the complexities behind it all. 

Expanding on the intro above, my previous blog post lists examples all under Creative Commons, with explanatory blogs &/or complementary  videos for a variety of fields.

Please help yourself... I trust you'll enjoy exploring geo data as much as I did!

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