Tuesday 21 August 2018

Historic climate data revisited - 5 - live polar maps

Here are the maps promised at the end of the last post c/w description in that post:

The Antarctic map posts south of 40 deg. S lat., again from Quantarctica, in order to capture as much of the southern continents as possible - the southern hemisphere is mostly ocean, and thus potentially has the most ocean data, which is why I started there with CLIWOC tall ships weather data - also shown is the ice-shelf extent, the subject of so much debate in re: to climate change.

The Arctic map posts north of 50 deg. N lat. for several reasons: it captures most of the Arctic landmass and of the N European nations exploring or trading in it; but also it limits the tremendous amount of Caribbean traffic, part of the triangular trade described in my May 2015 Geohipster Calendar description. Finally the 200 mi. Exclusive Economic Zone hints at Arctic geopolitics.

Please note that if you display Wind... by WindForceB layers, giscloud.com doesn't yet support symbology rotation, wind direction here. That will be updated when available.
You can reproduce that symbology on your desktop via the project posts on Dropbox for Antarctic and Arctic projects in both ESRI and QGIS shape files.
These are added to the Open Data Workshop here generated by this blog-post series. 
This is the last of this series, so please do not hesitate to contact me below for further info... Happy polar mapping!

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