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"So long and thanks for the maps"

"So long and thanks for all the fish, I meant maps (apologies to Douglas Adams)" was the last post in my #30DayMapChallenge report...

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Arctic wrap-up as a story-map

Following my previous posts on geo-awareness and transitioning platforms, I repost here this story map that wraps together the story for the Arctic region on Esri platform. You will find at its end a link to the course that cover both poles on Esri and QGIS as complete exercises in polar mapping.

Note: due to rationalising ArcGIS Online data, this story map and attendant web maps have been removed. I did leave a complete et of course notes, so that you can recreate same... not only ArcGIS for the Arctic (bottom) but also QGIS for the Antarctic (top)!

Update 1: Story Map of same Northwest Passage: maps and words.
Update 2: video of same Arctic Sea Ice Summer 1979–2018
Update 3: follow on story map on onshore aspects: Fire & Ice — Arctic past & future climes.