Thursday 3 October 2019

Wikipedia Gazetteer

Local Community Engagement 12345 & 6

[Update: Part 7 shows a draft Press Release introducing our social enterprise]

With my partner Terry Jackson, we completed a Cambridgeshire gazetteer from Wikipedia data! Click on View larger map in orange below, and select any town to pop up a full suite of associated information...

Cottenham2020 are a social enterprise keen on linking villagers and businesses for the better good. The context for this is climate change, and local environmental groups such as SusCott are among our partners. The neighbouring village of Histon&Impington just declared a climate emergency. Sea level rise maps are thus part&parcel of the environmental hazard assessment... but we have a surprise!

A tale of two sea level rise models

Update 1: submitted coastal inundation map below, augmented with new ArcGIS water-colour style, as a map and art version to 2020 GeoHipster Calendar competition

Update 2: more info emerged and this turned complex enough to warrant a separate post on Medium, which will be completed here in Part 7 and extended in Part 8.

Update 3: see a further story map comparing and contrasting Ordnance Survey Open Data and Climate Central CoastlaDEM v.1.1. for East Anglia coastal inundation.

Art version (click to enlarge)

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