Friday, 31 May 2019

Local Community Engagement, Part 2

[Update: please see the follow-up post as we build a story introducing the community.]

After introducing this social enterprise, let's look at some progress: We joined the Esri(UK) Non Profit, Ordnance Survey Data Hub and Open Street Map programs, all designed to help communities'  open data initiatives key to the next economy.

In its ongoing efforts to open national data repositories - which I used in almost a decade here - Ordnance Survey now provides infrastructure data as Open Zoomstack or as Data Hub (trial), from which I completed our map with, say, greenspaces or site info to complement OS Open Carto or Open Streetmap basemaps:

Here is the start of a community engagement presentation - Cottenham Open steps you through history - story maps are an innovative way to engage and to help public understanding of our region. 


  1. Brilliant! What a great start to a fascinating new project; so many new opportunities and wonderful to see Cambridgeshire and Cottenham leading on this with world-class digital mapmakers engaged from the get-go.

    Look forward to seeing what the next chapter reveals. Might it be a linkup with the mighty Wikimedia Foundation?

  2. Good to see Parts 2 and 3 publshed and all four sites put to task in their different ways.