Tuesday 26 May 2020

Digital terrain models help create a picture - Part II

[ Update: see new arcgis.com interface for another view of this here & under Update 5 here ]

The previous post showed how digital terrain, surface (add buildings & vegetation) and elevation (detail topography) models highlight geomorphology (land features) and infrastructure (roads, canals etc.). That was in the Cambridgeshire area of the southern Fenlands of East Anglia, as a complement to sea level rise models from coastal inundation, as well as flood risk maps from rivers and from sea.

The northern coastal areas of the Fenlands near the Wash and the North Sea are even more prone to inundation or flood risk. An earlier post  introduced flood risks in the Thames Barrier area of greater London. Let's highlight Environment Agency coastal infrastructure of defences against the same:

Some are actual barriers, others are simply the topography above 2m., considered to be extreme tide. But the details of the southern Wash show well, especially if you toggle the digital terrain or surface data below the digital elevation data - the latter at 50% transparency helps view defence structures.

See also a companion map with complete Environment Agency onshore infrastructure data.

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