Monday 24 May 2021

East Anglia Flood Defences Final

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[ Update: see post #19 on an opportunity to use land cover information to study peat lands

This extends the previous flood defences update into a 3D interactive map. It also explains the DEFRA flood defences data update, in order to map the infrastructure complete with various sea level rise elevations. [Story map full-page here.]

This concludes the series on East Anglia flood vulnerability and defences, culminating two years study of climate change and flood vulnerability, as a backdrop to As mentioned 18 months ago:

Cottenham2020 are a social enterprise keen on linking villagers and businesses for the better good. The context for this is climate change, and local environmental groups are among our partners. The neighbouring village of Histon&Impington just declared a climate emergency. Sea level rise maps are thus part&parcel of the environmental hazard assessment...

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