Sunday 16 May 2021

East Anglia Flood Defences Update

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[ Update: the next blogpost extends this into a 3d interactive map wrapping up this 2 years study ]

This closes the trio of updates on sea level rise timelines and infrastructure based on newly available climate change data, since this project started two years ago. 

Environment Agency's DEFRA not only manages a comprehensive Risk of Flooding for River and from Sea via ground observations and mapping, but it also manages all the infrastructure related to flood risks from the same. 

Let's extend our ongoing mapping effort here to include AIMS Spatial Flood Defences (inc. standardised attributes):

Or if you prefer, go straight ot the video closing this presentation:

See the exquisite detail in the 2 m. digital elevations - the levees and transportation routes, as well as the river and coastal erosion features - and how flood defences pop up through the sea level rise models.
Stay tuned also on sharing the same on so that you can look at this directly. The point throughout this blog series is that open data and out-of-the-box tools can be leveraged to create intuitive views of complex issues, and help citizen science along the way.

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