Wednesday 20 February 2013

"Free Google" e-Book review

JM Internet Group published a guide to "Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketing". I am offering it an honest review as a former net'preneur - I use the internet social media round-trip to help along this blog today and a while back, and shared my experiences on SlideShare. I also create web maps, and without any further technical ado let's say Google were less than forthcoming in providing help with crossing an API upgrade... This echoes  author Jason McDonald's (JM) reason to write "Free Google..." in the first place! He set out to render explicit for the rest of us what is implicit to geekdom and help 'free Google' from itself.

Saturday 9 February 2013

Local maps one year on from Kuwait

Hard to believe it's over a year since I left Kuwait, and I'm back in Cambridge now working west of London - the shortest commute yet, weekly as opposed to every 10 weeks in Kuwait or every two weeks in Milan three years ago - so just out of curiosity I looked for web maps of the area again.