Sunday 17 November 2013

Around the world in 30 maps

[Update 2: this map gallery is now the first pane of my personal portfolio]
[Update 1: Apple iOS doesn't support Flash, please try this old link instead]

I revamped my blog to make its header more engaging. I replaced the static image I changed from time to time, with a map gallery. It comes from a Flickr slide show of maps I have collected over time, posted in chronological order. Although each screenshot is captioned and tagged in Flickr, here is the text in the same order:

Sunday 3 November 2013

Releasing data really works! Part IV

[Update: this was summarised into a story map here posted also on this blog here]

Two years then one year ago I QC'd UK Ordnance Survey data for East Anglia, and sent the polyline spike and kickback errors to the Agency, who posted the corrections this year. They noted the errors I reported fell below their own QC criteria, but they invited me to retest their updated dataset. This issue is topical as  posted on GISlounge on the same topic proposing other tools.