Wednesday 10 April 2024

"AI for the rest of us", Part V

Update: a quick rundown on AI language here

 After AI for the rest of us, Part IV and Web maps for the rest of us, let's continue chronicling our use of low-brow AI for good, that is to help us present our rebranded Prospectus. We already documented how human and computer interaction works best (see also here and Update 2 here), and we'll continue to do so.

I recently had Google Gemini summarise our Prospectus into an Executive Summary (see here). I then had AI summarise it again to help AI build a SurveyMonkey survey. But being limited to a 300 character prompt, I had to manually shorten it to fit. Presto! We got our survey faster than you can say: SurveyMonkey


Here is the Executive Summary summarised by Gemini:

This document outlines a plan to improve Cambridgeshire's digital landscape. Here are the key points:

Focus: The strategy targets three areas: digital inclusion, social media collaboration, and tackling global warming through social science.

Initiatives: Examples include embedding a Wikipedia expert within the NHS, creating online networks for patient groups, and establishing a climate change knowledge hub.

Collaboration: Stakeholders from public sector, academia, and community groups will be involved in developing and implementing the strategy.

Review: The strategy is designed to be adaptable and will be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Goal: The overall aim is to significantly improve the lives of Cambridgeshire residents, both now and in the future.

Shorten by hand

This exceeds the 300 character limit imposed by SurveyMonkey on their AI assisted composition. So as mentioned before, I shorten the summary to drop below that limit
Focus: digital inclusion, social media collaboration, global warming

Initiatives: NHS Wikipedia expert, patient groups online network, climate change hub

Collaboration: public sector, academia, community groups

Review: regularly to ensure effectiveness

Goal: improve lives of Cambridgeshire residents

Note: compare that to Gemini re-summarizing this into: 

This plan aims to improve Cambridgeshire's digital world for everyone. They'll focus on helping people get online, using social media for good, and fighting climate change with social science. Ideas include a Wikipedia advisor for the NHS, online patient communities, and a climate change knowledge center. Everyone from government to universities to local groups will work together on this, and they'll keep checking in to make sure it's working. The ultimate goal is to make life significantly better for Cambridgeshire residents now and in the future.

Survey Monkey

Consider SurveyMonkey - Build with AI: after creating a login and logging in, it offers easy steps to create this survey:

click to enlarge

Note that it's not ready to be broadcast, collected or measured. Please note also that it was absolutely used in its stock form. But with the plethora of "AI enhancements" sneaking in even where you don't want it - such as proposing to "improve you messaging" in Skype, owned by Microsoft, using its Copilot - this in fact turns out to  be very useful extension to our previous experiments in using AI for good shared here.

Note: follow the companion series on AI in my Medium Pro channel, working backward from here.

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Web maps for the rest of us

 The previous post on Community Engagement updated the rebranding of, with accompanying use of "AI for the rest of us" (work backward from here) this blogpost title came from. One of the mentioned changes were working with Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap and Climate Central - my Esri Developper or Non-Profit stacks are free and frozen, respectively - I had a whole lot of work put on ice, the same time I relinquished my original website This blog is OK however.

In order to continue with our prospectus, I simply used free software QGIS and free UK Ordnance Survey Open ZoomStack and Boundary Line data - the same in fact I used on prior - to create these simple parish maps for the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, augmenting their Insight Data:

Monday 25 March 2024

"AI for the rest of us", Part IV

Update: follow on Part V.

 The previous post (here) recapped our purpose to use current lessons-learned in new tech to help our community engagement. Here is another way to use AI, to summarise and to decant - summarise in a structured manner - information from an article my colleague asked me to try using Google Gemini (formerly known as Bard, their AI tool).

Monday 26 February 2024

"AI for the rest of us", Part III

Update: follow on Part IV.

 Part II (here) showed a small but significant use of AI in preparing our Prospectus (link in that post). Let's look at how we're taking this further now.

The Spectator did a great state-of-the-AI here, including basically what we did above on steroids. They also highlighted Google Gemini, Bard's successor we signed up for. We also joined Wikimedia UK in open data space.

Monday 29 January 2024

"AI for the rest of us", Part II

Update: follow on Part III.

 My previous post (here) showed a useful if trivial example of Bing AI (here), not only replying in the addressed language but also quickly & easily teasing a relationship among related items.  Now let's look at a non-trivial common task, to summarise a 110 page document.

Saturday 27 January 2024

"AI for the rest of us"

 Update: follow on Part II.

In my other blog (here) Language and mores, Part VII (here) described what I found out about my family's status as immigrants in our complex story of a pregnant mother's escape from Hungary and my siblings ½ generation later. When I later discussed how I thought my marriage ended, my family saw a Jungian influence in my thinking. Jung's disciple Adler apparently inspired Kishimi & Koga's recent best seller "The Courage to be disliked" (Google books). Ensued a three-language dicussion to understand what this was all about... Mum prefers our mother tongue Hungarian, my brother lives in Montreal and my sister in Paris.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Community engagement and social prescribing

 This follows an update on this blog here.

We recently rebranded to the domain name is acquired but page not done yet finished; we have a prospectus as an evergreen document, meaning ever evolving.

Our community involvement over 5 years in March is one object of this blog starting  here (follow the links) and listed here. We engaged with various community interest  parties at the impact of climate change then the pandemic on social isolation in East Anglia.