Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Climate change alert

[Update 3: read here my  new occupation in citizen engagement started 4 months later
Update 2: Euan Mearns factoid-checking counterpoint highlights, if nothing else, the Gordian Knot-edness of it all...
Update 1: thanks fellow Canadian Texpat Katharine Hayhoe for her efforts in this document and the twitter-sphere]

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Arctic wrap-up as a story-map

Following my previous posts on geo-awareness and transitioning platforms, I repost here this story map that wraps together the story for the Arctic region on Esri platform. You will find at its end a link to the course that cover both poles on Esri and QGIS as complete exercises in polar mapping.
You may wish to zoom in to polar views one or two steps for a better view: it's an artifact of the largest data-set used in the web map app.