Thursday 12 November 2009

Fun with Maps

I had planned a GIS Day project, but my schedule got way ahead of me, so here it is instead. I twittered a few spatially-related jokes to ask for some more, and I post here its beginnings on my website (click on the image). It combines a feed-back form to send suggestions, and a map to post the country, the joke if it's appropriate, and the author if given.

The message is very simple: the map is the back-end, or the result of the exercise. What I told students at previous events, is that maps are often the product not the beginning, the end not the means. I think if we don't scare off people with technique, but address what they want, and only then offer them maps, then we might make inroads. At least that's my workplace credo.

(released under wikimedia commons)

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