Sunday, 24 January 2010

DIY UK Webmaps

The UK OS OpenSpace Mapbuilder application helps registrants make a local map, add localised information (links, pictures etc.), save the code and post it on the web. Anyone must be qualified, however, because the output is HTML code... that relies on user knowledge to post the webmap! Here is my favorite walk in the village outside Cottenham, north of Cambridge UK, with a mix of my own pictures and those found on the web.

click on the image to got to webmap

There are many, many other public webmapping applications, such as Yahoo!Map's facility to post flickr! pictures geotagged to their location.

click on the image to got to webmap

In light of the recent initiative, is the Ordnance Survey simply educating the public? This doesn't look like crowd-sourcing like OpenStreetMap, as data isn't actually posted - remember they rely on the user to post their own HTML code.

A neat photo-crowd-sourcing initiative sponsored by the Ordnance Survey also is Geograph British Isles, with its companion site the blog - both give fair details on the ramifications of this long-standing effort.

An old bumper sticker on north American Kenworth trucks (18-wheelers) was keep'on truckin', so ours may be keep'on mappin'...

click image on lack of copyright

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