Friday 23 July 2010

The power of context, Part V

The tropical storm threatening the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) oilspill cleanup shows up very well in Google Earth (download GE here) by simply using:

Even though the EPA stopped posting the extent of the slick on 15 July, a daily-updated spill extent KML can be found here, courtesy of NOAA-NESDIS (thanks Peter Giencke). Regardless GE also shows:
  • shipwreck locations
  • marine protection areas
  • endagered species
  • & other enviro-data
Most importantly today, it shows NOAA's cloud and radar data that can be followed by the hour by simply refreshing the screen - I traced it today from the Florida Panhandle for example.
Isn't this is a mash-up par excellence, bringing together host of related data, some out-of-the-box, and others for free from easily reachable goverment site? And surely anyone can easily remember :-)

Update: not only does NOAA-NESDIS KML mentioned above have data thru 20 July, but this KML animates it directly in Google Earth; compare this recording to my recording of EPA screenshots or Ruth Lang's excellent animated mashup:

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