Sunday, 22 August 2010

Anniversary blog

Even though I registered my blog in September 2005, I started blogging on 18 August 2009, no small thanks to my blog friend Hussein Nasser and the blogging geocommunity in London and elsewhere. I recently twittered these stats, and thank all for your help along the line:
azolnai: 1st anniversary blogging math: (72 blog posts + 797 tweets + RSS feed) * output = (100 Twitter+ 501 LinkedIn + 95 Facebook) * followers

This is in fact my third web incarnation, having started before the web in 1986, and then posted web pages continuously since 1996.

In the mid-eighties there was the MetroLink in Calgary, Canada. The Alberta Governement Telephone (now Tellus) optically wired oil companies and financial institutions - for free, banking on the increased traffic revenue - following a long tradition of the Alberta government early digital implementations such as the Land-related Information System (now AltaLIS) and Energy Resources Conservation Board (former AEUB), see also here.

In 1996 I started my personal web page on in Dallas TX:

And in 1999 I updated it on in London UK:

Then in 2001 I graduated to my own domain name

click on image to access old web with live links

And in 2006 I updated the look-and-feel using style sheets:

In 2008 I made it into a business page with a 'modern' look:

click on image to access new web with live links

And that lead to my first blogpost here, which looked like this at first:


  1. A great jump between Web 1.0 and web 2.0 Andrew

    All the best

  2. Thanks for your ongoing support! Having talked about going to Web 3.0, can you comment if it's interactive web as described here, or immersive reality on PDA's, or something else?