Sunday 22 August 2010

Anniversary blog

Even though I registered my blog in September 2005, I started blogging on 18 August 2009, no small thanks to my blog friend Hussein Nasser and the blogging geocommunity in London and elsewhere. I recently twittered these stats, and thank all for your help along the line:
azolnai: 1st anniversary blogging math: (72 blog posts + 797 tweets + RSS feed) * output = (100 Twitter+ 501 LinkedIn + 95 Facebook) * followers

This is in fact my third web incarnation, having started before the web in 1986, and then posted web pages continuously since 1996.

In the mid-eighties there was the MetroLink in Calgary, Canada. The Alberta Governement Telephone (now Tellus) optically wired oil companies and financial institutions - for free, banking on the increased traffic revenue - following a long tradition of the Alberta government early digital implementations such as the Land-related Information System (now AltaLIS) and Energy Resources Conservation Board (former AEUB), see also here.

In 1996 I started my personal web page on in Dallas TX:

And in 1999 I updated it on in London UK:

Then in 2001 I graduated to my own domain name

click on image to access old web with live links

And in 2006 I updated the look-and-feel using style sheets:

In 2008 I made it into a business page with a 'modern' look:

click on image to access new web with live links

And that lead to my first blogpost here, which looked like this at first:

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