Sunday 18 October 2015

GIS for oil spill modelling - Part II

This is a follow-up to Part I explaining oilspill modelling using NOAA Gnome modelling software and Kuwaiti ROPME data, all in the public domain. This has now been posted on ArcGIS Online as a time-aware file geodatabase map package. In this video using a dark grey basemap, the map package shows mock oil dispersal via advanced annotation, inversely proportional to time.

Like the Gnome model using very simple environmental parameters, this is NOT meant to precisely model oil spill dispersal - my expertise is geology and GIS, not environmental monitoring or oilspill response - but it shows tools available for predictive modelling and online sharing.
The web map, however, doesn't allow advanced rendering, so it shows the model data as they are with the original parameters used in this project. Note however that the model dataset used a different coastline marked by the red ONBEACH points:

The original éxposé has also been updated to reflect this, incl. an important tweak.

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