Saturday 14 May 2016

CoDE Conference 2016: Creative Communication

Just attended a conference crossing over art and science at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Culture of Digital Economies CoDE. It ranged from the impact of video games, through a master class in drone cinematography and video exhibit The Crossing, to interactive demos and lightning talks. Two items stood out for me: Sonic Pi freeware to help introduce school children to digital music, and Lichen Beacons a Raspberry Pi and beacon interactive display of imagery and poetry:

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The Story Map of Hackney piqued my interest as it used maps as a means to record visitors' experiences through a variety of analog (hand drawn maps and typewritten scripts) and digital (mood recorder etc.) media.
My aim was to learn more about the story-telling side of story maps in my personal and professional portfolios in the banner to the right. 

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The art - science crossover here echoed Kettle's Yard's Into Boundless Space I leap at University of Cambridge new Maxwell Building. I visited its opening last month, and both  clearly echoed Marshall McLuhan that the medium is the message. Said the keynote:

CoDE2016 showed how important it is for us all to tell our stories, no matter how difficult it may seem at first, for if we don't then who will? 
Each of us is our own expert in a chosen field: Do both the courage and the means not come from within, with a little help from our friends such as here?

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