Friday 15 July 2016

Twenty years... and five generations on the web!

Hard to believe I started my first website in hand-written HTML code in Dallas 20 yrs ago! The original impetus was that at Landmark I had an intranet page using a hand-crafted index bar along the top, not unlike this glossary or my life and work pages thru 2000 and 2004 respectively.

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It was 640*480 and used then and AT&T ip address. Since 2006 was my ISP. I travelled so far & wide that I thought a fixed internet address couldn't hurt...
Geo-serendipity: the .ca suffix for Canadian ip address could also stand for Calgary, California or Cambridge I lived in
Note that was Generation 1, Gen-zero was a decade prior before Berners-Lee even coined the term web: it was called Hypertext then and had a static ip accessible on the Calgary optical fibre network. Note similar HTML and hypertext menus along the bottom.

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Gen-2 was the current website my business storefront, and Gen-3 is this blog page on web mapping topics with its companion for longer posts. This blog top and side banners show all outlets. And Gen-4 is the bottom banner linked in twitter etc.
Standards, standards! Did you know engineers count from zero, as first iterations are trials & not numbered? Mine wasn't an actual website either...
My, this web is exhausting (from BBC Springwatch the fox is just snoozing in a sunbeam)...

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