Monday 11 December 2017

GeoHipster Calendar: 2018

This is my third Calendar entry from the most excellent Geohipster spearheaded by @atanas@billdollins and @gletham - the inaugural 2014 and the 2015 can be seen here - I missed last year but I told them:

Please go an buy the full calendar at new print-on-demand Lulu, cheaper this year and excellent Christmas gift - or Texas-size stocking stuffer - for your favourite geo-geek.

But for your early pleasure and enjoyment, here is my month with the description below. 
Update: here is the description on the GeoHipster website for May 2018

Geohipster Calendar, May 2018 from Andrew Zolnai

US Gulf of Mexico offshore oilfield 3D web scene: Esri ArcGISPro and WebScene, and Geodata extension. Seafloor bathymetry: Esri data. Well polylines, block and strata polygons, and salt dome multipatch: US  BOEM open data, and courtesy Eaqle Info Mapping. Seismic not local and courtesy Geodata. Easily accessible web view conflates numerous subsurface data sets in a complex geologic environment, to help localise oil production in rock strata (lime green) abutting a salt dome (light tan).

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