Tuesday 20 February 2018

GDPR revisited

I already wrote about GDPR from the perspective of helping users get started with using Mind Maps. The presentation wraps up with further help from LINQ I partnered with.

During one of my FindingPetroleum presentations in London, at bottom, I met again a distant friend from my structural geology years 30 yrs ago, who after a career at Schlumberger Research in my current hometown among other things, founded a start-up called PinkerFind. Among many other things, they allow to index your files on-premise, and then use it as a collaborative tool.

"Pinker is a desktop tool that lets you use keywords and topics to find any file on your computer similar to how you would search on eBay. Pinker always shows how many files match each of your topics, so you can quickly narrow down your search."
I plan to use it simply as an index&search tool, not just for documents but also for data as the product develops. One of their testimonies is:
"I [...] was confronted with the problem that the project has been running for [...] years and several people have been working on it. Everyone produced a lot of output, of course, and everything was thrown on a network drive. In the meantime, of course, everyone has moved on and I am facing a lot of data with the situation: It is all there. It is just somewhere. [...] Most of what I need to look for is what I find and besides, I am not forced to view, sort and restructure the entire drive."
Doesn't this sound familiar - look here exactly eight years ago - and isn't it also the making today of a GDPR nightmare? That is why I plan to marry this with LINQ to offer you the best of both worlds:
  • on-premise indexing via a super-easy tool that takes minutes to set up and not much more to index through very clever local search&sorting algorithms - your core data don't go anywhere
  • cloud-based business process discovery, such as that describe here for a local, timely and complex concern, just as a for-example - you benefit from state-of-the-art information supply chain

Stay tuned for more formats to discover in Pinker, as well as converting mind maps for ontologies.

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