Thursday 29 March 2018

Historic climate data revisited - 2 - circum-Arctic

[Update: more data for the Arctic were found here and here when writing a paper

Note: Part 3 adds World Port Index data compared to historic Gazetteer
Follow-on class materials the last two blogposts generated are posted here.
Go also to section 5: Arctic / Antarctica GIS application, of 1000 GIS applications ]

Following on the Antarctic blogpost, I took my lessons-learned to the antipodes for these reasons:

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  1. Scott Polar Research Institute in my home town has fabulous resources such as this
  2. Remembering the Franklin Expedition chronicles events near where I spent a summer
  3. seen also in Greenwich and Ottawa in addition to materials at British Library (above)  
  4. ESRI recently boosted Arctic resources online in a base map, story map and other support


Although as mentioned all the CLIWOC are on my AWS private stack, pulling data "North of 50" via WFS as described before yields all non-key data as text! So I simply recreated the same from my original archive. The result is pretty arresting using the recently-updated Arctic Ocean basemap:

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Where this map really comes into its own, is on ArcGIS Online, where not only the basemap comes from as well as other resources mentioned:

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Say you add Observed and Predicted Climate Shift data, you see that they have no data over the oceans - CLIWOC historic data has 0% overlap with such climate data - as Esri Chief Scientist Dawn Wright quipped: the world's oceans comprise 75% of the Earth's surface, yet they yield only 5% of data... though that is improving here and here.

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As I said in my previous post "we must avail ourselves of as much data as we can" - this is a prime example in a key area not only of climate change but also of new geopolitics and maps - such as Maritime Boundary and Exclusive Economic Zones:

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