Sunday 13 December 2020


[ Update: see Update #7 in this story map on how to address topo inversion (#6 is this) ]

 While I have written a few story maps, the #30DayMapChallenge last month has taught me to tell a story in a single map. The amazingly detailed DEFRA digital terrain model has already been used here (go to Update 1) in the Cambridge area of East Anglia. So here is a synoptic view of South Cambridgeshire, with its story in the box. 

click to enlarge or get full size

Note, however, that the map is inverted with the North to the bottom, in order that relief show right side up: beginning of this story map "it's an optical illusion that relief appears inverted unless it's lit from the NW. And since most landscape is lit from the South in the Northern hemisphere, air photo and satellite imagery are prone to such 'inversion'."

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