Tuesday 19 October 2021

More map art

A few years ago I used Charlie Frye's online lesson Explore future climate projections to learn how to use NetCDF and map temperature regimes - it's shown below in Patterson & Savaric's Equal Earth Projection. It became the basis for carbon emissions map just updated in the last blog post.

click to enlarge or get a copy here

Also recently updated my story map Maps like 3D prints with so-called emo or goth effects using John Nelson's Ice Mountain (lighter emo) and Sunrise Hack (darker goth) for a series of my favourite places on Earth. I tried another of his 2.5D Posters on a NW England dataset, tho DEFRA's incomplete DEM coverage created mixed results, show at the bottom,  Maps like 3D Prints - II (go to Poster). Recently John Nelson also reverse-engineered an illustration to create a DIY Graphic Design, using this time Tom Patterson's Natural Earth data in addition to Living Atlas terrain layers. 

So I took Temperature - Mean Annual Baseline from the lesson atop and smashed it into John's Graphic Design above. The reddish hue created a purple foggy effect offshore and ruddy shading effect on land: I simply took all the layers in the video above, and added the temperature layer just above Patterson's land use layer. To better display all layers, neither Global background not Watercolour paper special effects were used:

click to enlarge or get a copy here

This has been adapted as a 2D map in Equal Earth - Asia Pacific projection adding Biodiversity Intactness from Natural History Museum data portal, global mean temperature shown at top and Human Footprint 2009 from Dryad Data, and drawn up as a triptych of the above left to right:

click to enlarge or get a copy here

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