Saturday 24 September 2022

"So long and thanks for the maps" - Pt. III

Following on the listings in the previous post, lets revisit some blog stats Google handily collects for us! This is an update from two years ago:

... We hit the 13 year and exceeded the half million hits mark!

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Some interesting trends: 

  • the first section in Oil&Gas showed an increasing trend on hits, but a decreasing one blog post numbers (output): it shows how much work it is before the crossover point, to create a brand name after the crossover point
  • the middle for-profit section was flat as I couldn't crack either oil & utilities or non-profit sectors, despite diversifying into business process re-engineering and specific tasks with high demand 
  • things took off and reached previous peaks in half the time with a non-profit organisation (NPO) owner Terry Jackson, although as before but less markedly, the decreasing trend shows the initial effort to establish the brand name
  • seasonal winter dips in both hits and output are noticeable in higher volume Oil and NPO, most marked in NPO
  • inevitably with exiting the social media scene mentioned before, both numbers came tumbling down
Creating a pivot table allows to show seasonal variations. In addition to the 2nd last point above, spring & fall maxima are apparent, following the business cycle of slowing down mid- & end-of-year.

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You can get the data here, but download it, as you'll see Google messes the graphics.

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