Wednesday 14 December 2022

More fun with Maps

Although I have not seen Avatar: The way of Water, it brought back images of  Waterworld... 2¾ decades ago! I was told on socials "... did [Avatar 2 director] James Cameron commission this map of yours to depict a much waterier world? 😉". That reminded me I should pull out again one of my favorites I put as my twitter page banner.

(click: Explore, then middle right X, and zoom out for better view)

The banner page says it all, but you will see the extent of the water world at progressively higher sea level rise from current to 15 m. estimate from today to 2300AD. Press the ⓘ info button for more details on the legend, the synopsis and how to make your own area map should you so desire...

And while we're here, he's an update on that synopsis with more recent climate info from local (Cambridge UK) institutions in fact... Warning: it makes for uncomfortable reading!

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