Tuesday 25 August 2009

Mashups and match-ups

My intruductory posting showed some of the webmaps I easily created from open source and other tools using publicly available data. I tweeted earlier on a simple exercise: how might the public use webmaps in regards to news and current affairs? My friend Hussein took it one step further: mashing up something similar in four concurrent maps.

In all cases the results can be somewhat surprising, please try them and see if you find the same hickups. As with my previous satnav story and many, many others on spatialising phones and the web, technology evolves only as smoothly as its underpinnings; in addition, data management and remote systems offer extra challenges we're brave enough to mash up! For those who remember Max Headroom, we still do bump our heads into barriers as we push the limits, the results of which were not always fu-fu-funny, funny.

(image from Wikipedia, see fair use rationale)

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