Monday, 7 September 2009

Once an entrepreneur...

... always an entrepreneur: 20+ years ago I started up then wound down my own petroleum GIS firm in Calgary, Canada.

I then grew from CD PubCo and MunroGarrett in Calgary to Landmark (Halliburton) and ESRI in the US. Then in England I shrank from Petris to GeoSolveIT and project work this year. I will now rejoin the entrepreneurial ranks to help roll out oilelefant, a standards-based (not open-source) webGIS for small petroleum operators & agencies.


  1. oilelefan, seems interesting

    would like to know more about it

    is it based on ArcGIS Server?

  2. we work under the hood and under the radar to address those 9 users every single GIS pro serves - we're keeping an open mind however, look for me on ArcGIS Online beta for ex.