Monday 7 June 2010

Trending, Part II

Recent web hit statisitics show the power of press releases (PR) in Oilvoice and FindingPetroleum (née Digital Energy Journal) to push traffic to The occasion was the new release of a secure trial area - try before you buy - to show on the internet what it will look like on the intranet.

short-term web hits with correlated events

long-term web hits with correlated events
This also shows new media (blogs, RSS etc.) and traditional (PR, internet etc.) work hand-in-hand.
And this is only as preamble to actually meeting prospect and client requirements. As discussed here before, these are very briefly:
  • in v. 1: ease-of-use and affordability
  • in v. 2: EDMS in addition to E&P
  • now also with live trial online
  • in v. 3: bulk data import/export
Watch this space for further updates on how we work toward this. Hint: we'll continue using petrodata standards such as PPDM as a backbone, and leverage metadata as mentionned earlier.

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