Sunday 23 May 2010

Gathering clouds over the horizon, Part IV

Slotting straight into my previous post, ESRI just released ArcGIS Explorer (AGX) online and as the new ArcGIS Online (AGO). I cannot, however, see my old AGO postings on the new, neither will the new AGX online consume it - not even posted as a web mapping service (WMS)!

Does consume only ESRI map services?

June 2011: consumes ESRI map services and layer package files new to ArcGIS 10. And before that Geoportal Extension consumed other services too.

Until that is fixed we're back to AGX desktop, which does find my WMS at least:
Enter this under GIS Service, and you will see what I published after hours reported in my previous post... stay tuned!

PS: the Medieval Fenlands items above are now also indexed on UK government data website here.

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